2018 Deep Seawater Festival on Kumejima

The 2018 Deep Seawater Festival on Kumejima took place June 24, from 10:00 to 15:00 at the Fureai-kan (Kumejima DSW Tourist Center) after being twice postponed due to typhoon. More than 200 people, from a wide variety of ages, participated this year.

This year there were many fun events including a Dance Performance, Eisa, prize drawings, and with utilization of Deep Seawater, a pool, flowing Mozuku, stamp rally, etc. Deep Seawater (DSW) related products (sea grapes, kuruma prawns, cosmetics, Bade Haus (spa) tickets, and vegetables grown with soil cooled from the cold energy of DSW) were displayed and sold. A variety of food using DSW was also available including grilled prawns and oysters, okinawa soba, curry, etc.

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In addition to a variety of music and booths, tours of the Okinawa Deep Seawater Research Center, Sea Grape Farm, Oyster Research Facility, and OTEC Demonstration Facility were also given. For the first time, GOSEA also held an Energy Education area within the Okinawa Prefecture Deep Seawater Research Center main hall with a variety of hands-on learning opportunities. This area included a variety of hands-on power generation methods such as hand-cranked power generation, temperature difference power generation, lemon batteries, etc. In addition there were other power generation experiences including bicycle power generation a PET bottle wind turbine generation. In the working corner, participants were able to make their own bottle wind turbine and test it with a mini-generator and electrical sensing devices. About 75 children and parents participated in the variety of activities and quiz.

We hope to see you next year.

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