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Event September 2018

The Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University's Professor Ikegami, a director of GOSEA, would like to introduce the 6th...

News October 2017

The Okinawa General Bureau Cabinet Office, on October 6, 2017 uploaded summary and full versions of a report on the poss...



Huge potential is hidden within the ocean’s depths.

The Global Ocean reSource and Energy Association Institute (GOSEA) was founded in July 2014 to harness the energy and resources available in the ocean and to develop a sustainable community model for the world’s island and coastal regions. Kumejima in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan continues to pioneer the utilization of high potential renewable “Deep Seawater” resources with an aim at realizing the completion of their plan for a sustainable, self-sufficient, and low carbon community that promotes industry development.


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