Renew Rebuild Hawaii Seminar on OTEC

Hawaii-based Renew Rebuild Hawaii will host an online seminar on OTEC, part of its series on “new ideas for a new century in Hawaii.” Experts from around the world will join to discuss OTEC and its potential for Hawaii.

Date: September 2, 14:00 (HST) September 3, 9:00 (JST)

Venue: Online

Fee: Free

Registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwpdeippj8qG9CNx_ZQttUHXKiBmddl7EFD


  • Hyeon-Ju Kim, KRISO
  • IKEGAMI Yasuyuki, Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University
  • Luis Vega, Renewable Energy Consulting
  • Benjamin Martin, Xenesys Inc. / GOSEA Secretariat
  • Moderator: Stan Osserman, Tigershark LLC
  •      Eugene Tian, State of Hawaii Economist

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