12th Hawai’i Okinawa Clean Energy Workshop

Workshop Dates Feb. 16-25, 2022

”In 2010, an memorandum between the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, U.S. Department of Energy, Okinawa Prefecture, and the State of Hawai’i was signed forming the “Hawai’i Okinawa Partnership on Clean Energy.” In May 2021, the State of Hawai’i and Okinawa Prefecture renewed the Partnership, with various activities carried out toward the introduction of clean energy. As one activity, we hold workshops on the theme of clean energy alternately every year in Hawai’i and Okinawa” ~Okinawa Prefecture HP.

This year, the workshop builds on past success as the 12th Hawai’i Okinawa Clean Energy Workshop, and will take place online February 16-25, 2022.

Event Homepage: http://okinawahawaii-oews.com

This year’s workshop includes video presentations, which can be enjoyed at participant’s leisure over the course of the event. In addition, a real time panel discussion will take place during which panelists will discuss related topics.

Themes this year include: Government Efforts and Policy, Renewable Energy Efforts, Hydrogen and Clean Transportation, Renewable Ocean Energy Utilization, and Energy Markets.

We look forward to your participation and ask your assistance in spreading the word about this event.

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