11th Okinawa Hawaii Clean Energy Workshop

Since 2010, annual ocean energy workshops have taken place alternately in Kona, Hawaii and Kumejima, Okinawa under the Hawai’i Okinawa Partnership on Clean and Efficient Energy Development and Deployment.

This year, the workshop builds on past success as the 11th Okinawa Hawaii Clean Energy Workshop, and will take place online January 25- February 19, 2021.

Event Homepage: http://okinawahawaii-oews.com

This year’s workshop includes video presentations, which can be enjoyed at participant’s leisure over the course of the event. In addition 3 main real time discussions will take place during which session speakers will answer questions and discuss related topics in a panel setting.

This year’s Keynote: “Building a Stronger Hawai’i Together: Path to Recovery” is by former Hawai’ian Electric CEO Alan M. Oshima, current Economy and Community Navigator for the State of Hawai’i

Themes this year include: Government Initiatives and Policy, Hydrogen and Clean Transportation, Ocean Energy/Resource Utilization, and Energy Education, with special presentations and keynote.

We look forward to your participation and ask your assistance in spreading the word about this great event.

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