Governor Denny Tamaki Visits Kumejima

On Friday May 24th, Okinawa Prefecture Governor Denny Tamaki visited Kumejima for the first time as Governor. Arriving by ferry in the afternoon, the Governor visited with Kumejima Town Mayor Ota and other representatives to discuss various issues relating to Kumejima’s future, including expansion of deep seawater intake facilities and reducing the transportation burden for islanders.

The Governor was then welcomed by students from both of Kumejima’s junior highs at Kumi Junior High, where he also spoke.

The Governor then visited the Okinawa Prefecture Deep Seawater Research Center (ODRC) where director Kubo showed ongoing research and how the center supports prefecture-wide fisheries industries.

Facility Managers an Expert were present to provide information on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, as well as the IOES Satellite Desalination Equipment. Following a tour of the ODRC, including the OTEC Demonstration and coral hatchery, the Governor visited several of Kumejima’s Deep Seawater industries (Point Pyuru Cosmetics, GO Farm Oyster Research, and Deep Seawater Development Co.’s Sea Grape Farm). The Governor showed a high level of interest and asked many questions during the inspection.

After staying one evening, Governor Tamaki visited further Kumejima points of interest including Kanjin Dam, welfare facilities, and the inbound high school student dormitory and study hall Jimbunkan, before departing by airplane in the afternoon.

The Okinawa Times published an article on the trip in their May 25th edition: https://www.okinawatimes.co.jp/articles/-/424354

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