Release of Kumejima Town Energy Vision 2020

Kumejima Town has released its Energy Vision 2020. GOSEA supported the editing of this document.

[Kumejima Town Energy Vision 2020]

http://www.town.kumejima.okinawa.jp/docs/2021011900033/ (in Japanese)

Kumejima Town 2050 Carbon City Declaration

Along with the release of the Energy Vision, Kumejima Town declared its goal of becoming a zero carbon city and wad was registered as a “Zero Carbon City Statement Municipality” by the Ministry of the Environment. This was the first registration by a municipality in Okinawa Prefecture.

[Zero Carbon City Declaration by Kumejima Town]

http://www.town.kumejima.okinawa.jp/docs/2021012200026/ (in Japanese)

【Ministry of the Environment Zero Carbon City Declaration Local Government List】

https://www.env.go.jp/policy/zerocarbon.html (in Japanese)

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