[Information]Concerning Travel to Kumejima during COVID-19

With the spread of the COVID-19, Kumejima Town has made a request as indicated in this attached link. Below is an unofficial translation:

On April 7, the Government of Japan issued an “Emergency Declaration” to seven prefectures in response to the spread of the new corona virus infection.

With the spread of COVID-19 infections nationwide, the number of patients whose source is unknown is increasing, especially in urban areas. Under such circumstances, in Okinawa Prefecture, it has been confirmed that in addition to a series of cases of immigration from outside the prefecture, there have been cases where patients where the route of infection is unknown.

At present, COVID-19 has not been diagnosed in Kumejima Town, but with the onset of the disease within the prefecture, it is feared it may be imported by migration from outside the island.

However, in Kumejima Town, there is only 1(one) bed that can safely isolate affected patients, and there is not enough medical care for severely infected people. If one patient becomes ill, normal medical care cannot be provided, and the health and safety of residents and visitors can not be guaranteed.

Please understand the actual situation of Kumejima and refrain from or postpone traveling, etc. When the COVID-19 infectious disease is over and you can travel without hesitation, the townspeople welcome you. As a town, we will work toward the end [of this emergency] as soon as possible.

During the period during which the Declaration of Emergency is issued, we strongly urge everyone in Japan to:

Please refrain or postpone travel to Kumejima Town from outside the island as much as possible.
Please refrain or postpone the return to Kumejima by Townspeople or related persons as much as possible.
If you have to come to Kumejima Town, please quarantine yourself at your hotel or home for 14 days and do not go out.

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