The book “Kumejima Stories” has been published

The book “Kumejima Stories” supervised by GOSEA member Shigeru Hoyashita, professor emeritus at Saga University, has been published. This book is in Japanese.


Many Kumejiman-chu (locals) and various local experts were involved in achieving the completion of this book. The first edition of this book has been published by a non-profit publishing company, with the number of copies limited to 200. The form has come out well, and Shigeru Hoyashita hopes many people will read this book. The cost is 3,000 yen (without shipping fee). Orders of 5 or more are shipped for free. If you are interested, please contact Shigeru Hoyashita via E-mail:hanahana@po.bunbun.ne.jp


Chapter 3,9, and 10 are related to DSW and OTEC. More details are available via the PDF in Japanese below. ↓
【新書紹介】『久米島物語』(佐賀大学 穂屋下様監修)

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