The book “Teachings of Satoumi” has been published.


The book “Teachings of Satoumi” mainly directed and edited by GOSEA Member Shinichiro Kakuma has been published.

“Though the title of the book is difficult, I think the content is quite interesting. Three of the five case examples in Japan (Onna Village, Okinawa City, and Shiraho) are on coral reef. Two of the four districts, (Fiji and Florida) also are on coral reefs.”

Update – English Version

An English version of this book “Satoumi Science” will be published February 2022, and is now available for pre-order:



Why is the idea from Japan “Satoumi,” enriching the sea by active involvement, now spreading through the world and attracting attention? Through examples of various villages such as Onna and Shiraho in OKinawa, Kashiwa Island in Kochi, Nikko in Okayama, Indonesia, Fiji, and Florida the book looks at the growing and deepening connections between people and the ocean.


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