Techno Ocean 2016

img_2275_1Every other year, Kobe hosts Techno Ocean, a conference bringing together technologies from all aspects of marine use. This year, we participated by presenting during the technical sessions on the status of the “Kumejima Model.” This year’s conference took place October 6-8 at the Kobe Convention Center. As the ocean is large, so to are the themes covered in the conference. The technical sessions were split into the following categories:

  • Ocean and Space Technology Collaboration
  • Marine Mineral Resource Development
  • Coastal and Ocean Space Utilization
  • Sensor and Observing Instruments
  • Surface and Deep Seawater Utilization
  • Fisheries Engineering and Resource Utilization
  • Ocean Energy Development
  • Ocean Observing Platforms
  • Marine Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Oceanography and Education
  • Numerical Modeling and Simulation
  • Offshore Structure and Naval Architecture

In addition to this wide variety of talks, Techno Ocean also held an expo with companies and organization showing the latest programs and technologies to domestic and international markets. JAMSTEC an JOMEG had particularly large pavilions to demonstrate the variety of their ongoing activities.

We presented first in the “Surface and Deep Seawater Utilization” session, with an overview of the “Kumejima Model” Past, Present, and Future. The discussion included a brief introduction to the ongoing retrofit of the current OTEC facility on Kumejima.

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