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Kume Island in Okinawa is the current focus of GOSEA. With the Okinawa Deep Seawater Research Center, 100kW Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Demonstration Facility, and outer-island status it is uniquely suited to be the first 1MW OTEC and related deep seawater use project in Japan. This page should provide a small window into what Kume Island is. Here we’ve collected and curated a selection of videos available around the web on Kumejima.

Kumejima Ocean Energy

A short video on Kumejima’s largest resource, the ocean. It includes rare footage of the installation of Japan’s largest capacity seawater pipes, as well as seawater industries and the Okinawa OTEC Demonstration Facility.

Kumejima Kuruma Ebi

Kumejima boasts the largest market share in Japan for Kuruma Prawns. This video shows them from egg to table highlighting one of the farms and the Kuruma Prawn Hatchery which uses deep seawater.

Discover Kumejima

A promotional video on Kumejima that highlights many of the local attractions and activities on the island.

Kumejima Homestay

A video from a homestay on Kumejima.

Kumejima Cave Tour

One of Kumejima’s less well known sites is the Yajiyagama caves. Local guides lead visitors in this short introductory video.

Nakazato Cup 2010

A popular activity on Kumejima is paragliding. This video shows a lot of aerial shots of the island from an event in 2010.

Kumejima Island School Tours

Kumejima’s “Island School” provides local guides around unique destinations. This short video introduces several.

Kumejima Videos by Popularity

An automatically created playlist featuring the most popular videos on Youtube with the Kumejima keyword.

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