2017 Kumejima Industrial Festival

OTEC BoothThe 2017 Kumejima Industrial Festival took place December 3, 2017. While in the past the event has taken place at the Gushikawa Community Development Center, this year it was held at Kumejima’s Firefly Dome. The dome provided an expansive area for booths, displays, and shops, while outside, local restaurants hosted stalls with a variety of foods. Despite the rainy weather, hundreds of visitors and islanders attended.

GOSEA, in collaboration with the Okinawa Deep Seawater Research Center and Kumejima Town, held a booth highlighting OTEC and Deep Seawater Use on Kumejima, including a variety of hand-held learning activities on power generation and renewable energy. Our PICO OTEC also made its debut at the local industry festival, providing visitors with an up-close introduction to OTEC.

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